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Training and Coaching for Organisations and Business

Turn learning into behaviour with our unique combination of performance training and coaching for your organisation or business.

We offer one-to-one and group coaching sessions.

We train individuals and organisations to move smoothly and skilfully between live and remote communication, working on presentation skills, leadership, improvisation and change, storytelling and conflict resolution. Research backs up our experience – if you want to retain what you have learnt, the two most effective ways of doing this are through performing the skill, and teaching the skill to others. Our approach has participants actively rehearsing and then coaching others through feedback and reflection.

Clients include: Next Energy Capital, BDO Stoy Hayward, Queen Mary University, Zurich Professional, Fairbridge, Pret a Manger, Shakespeare's Globe, Training for Life and The City College

Please contact us to discuss your bespoke business and corporate training needs at:

Training & Workshops for Adults

Rehearsal Room Drop In: Active and interactive online workshops for adults exploring plays and playwrights through theatre games and improvisation. Social and great fun, these sessions build confidence and creativity. 

Theatre Coach: Our online active and interactive sessions combine theatre games and coaching techniques for creativity and personal development. Social and great fun, these sessions are an opportunity to explore personal goals and how to achieve them.

   One to One Solutions-Led Coaching: Please contact us to discuss times and fees at:

Workshops dates available soon please check back here for more details.

90 minute online - live - interactive Youth Workshops, for English Literature and Drama students,

(KS3 & 4). Ages 12-16 yrs

“My son immediately said ‘thanks so much for persuading me to do that… When is the next one? Sign me up please’ ” Amy Adams (mother of 14 year old participant)

"I love the way it replicates the atmosphere of a rehearsal room. It's been fun to meet new people and learn more about Shakespeare. Jacky and Al are very good teachers, always keeping us engaged with games and improvisation" Megan (15 year old participant)

"This is the highlight of her week! "

(Ros Thomson, mother of 15 year old participant)


April - July 2021:

'Murder, Manners and Morality

- from Birnam Wood to Brumley'

Key Stages 3 & 4: Ages 12-16

Thursdays, 5pm–6.30pm

Our online introductory level workshops are great fun and a perfect opportunity to meet other young people who enjoy learning through theatre games and drama. Just bring your imagination!

 These are active and interactive sessions full of movement, improvisation, discussion and debate.

This Summer Term, we continue online but with the hope of moving some of our workshops to 'in person' by the end of term! In the meantime we will keep spirits high, providing an opportunity for our young people to keep learning in a fun, active and relaxed atmosphere.

Before returning to the tragedies of *Macbeth and *Romeo & Juliet, we begin the term with JB Priestly's classic morality play: *An Inspector Calls. We will also be dipping into *Poems Past and Present and delving into another 19th Century novel!

As ever, Investigating plot, character, themes, relationships, language, as well as social and historical context.

This exploration will support curriculum learning outcomes for GCSE English Literature & Drama.   

*GCSE set texts

A great way to laugh and learn a lot!”  Willa  (15 year old participant)

Workshops for Young People

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